4L | 15L

Triple Action Kit

PrimerPlus + GrafClean Ag+

Paint & protect your home!

STEP 1: PrimerPlus is a natural sanitizer, for in interior and exterior surfaces. Free of toxic substances. The product has a great sanitizing power due to the high percentage of Calcium Hydroxide content and its high pH.

STEP 2: GrafClean AG+ is an ecological paint with silver ion (Ag+) formula, it inhibits and prevents the growth of microorganisms of any kind (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa on the dry surface) even after repeated cleaning cycles. In this way, the antimicrobial effect is guaranteed

To guarantee the continuity of the sanitizing activity of PrimerPlus, it must be painted within a maximum period of 7 days with GrafClean AG +


Kit 4L 1 bucket of 4L of PrimerPlus
1 bucket of 4L of GrafClean AG+
Kit 15L 1 bucket of 15L of PrimerPlus
1 bucket of 15L of GrafClean AG+
TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Graphenstone-DescargaTDS PrimerPlus
Graphenstone-DescargaTDS GrafClean AG+
Breathable paint
Excellent covering power
Washable and resistant
Antimicrobial paint
  • Ecological antibacterial paint